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I’m back! This blog started out on WordPress, then I sort of relaunched on Blogger and now I’m back on WordPress.

All of the content has been copied back over, which took a while and no doubt meant some glitches along the way. You can’t separate content from design – things like the code snippets needed work to fit the WordPress theme I’m using. There may be things that have gone missing in the copy and paste exercise…

So why that change?

Blogger is a great platform for simple blogging but I wanted a bit more control. For example, I post a lot of code snippets and I was never really happy with the option I was using to display them. The rather excellent SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin for WordPress does a much better job.

I also wanted more control over the look of the site, and I’ve opted for a theme based on the Material Design Realistic theme. Loosely based – it’s had a few tweaks.

I should now have more control over comments and it should be easier to comment. I’m wary of spam, so for now I’m manually approving all comments. I hope to remove that restriction in time, even if means a slightly more rigorous captcha.

The site should be responsive to different display sizes but I know there are still a few things that need fixing.

The thing with WordPress is that you can spend forever tweaking your site and never be totally happy, so I’ve decided to launch and then sort out the little rough edges as I go. Everything should work, maybe just not as smoothly as it could.

Now that’s done, time to get back to working on the home automation projects that are the main point of this blog!


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