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Just a quick post today to “launch” my new website… when I say launch, it’s actually been live for a week or so, but I hadn’t announced it anywhere.

The site is SeanB Photography, and it’s somewhere for me to show my photos and occasionally blog about photography. It’s slightly different to this site, in that I’ve made the decision to switch off comments on posts and pages. That, to be honest, is simply to reduce the overhead of running the site.

It is another WordPress site, so I might reconsider comments in the future. The design is pretty simple, a custom theme that I wrote from scratch just to remind myself how it’s done. The actual gallery pages use a third party component, as I didn’t feel like getting into the Javascript side of full screen slideshows. The gallery hierarchy uses the built in functionality of WordPress for the child/parent relationships and some custom templates for galleries and the lists of child galleries. That allows for arbitrarily deep nesting of the galleries.

So much for the technical side… I talk a bit more about the photos themselves in my first post on the site, but the short version is that it’s absolutely not a portfolio. It’s just a bunch of photos…

Tech content will continue on here, in due course. I’m finding it a bit hard to split my time between my various interests, but I’ve got a few ideas for future posts.

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