I’m an IT geek and hobby photographer, and for a while I ranĀ a couple of blog sites for my photography. In doing so I learnt a bit about WordPress and started writing a tech blog. And here it is…

In it I write about the mainly technical things that interest me – programming projects, home automation and various gadgets. I’m kind of addicted to new gadgets…

Back when I started I also wrote a few book reviews as a result of my membership of a bookgroup. They’re still here, and I may still add new ones from time to time. If you’re here for the geeky stuff you can just ignore those posts!

My main areas of interest at the moment are HomeAssistant, SmartThings, the Zato ESB and anything else to do with home automation.


About the site

The blog started off on WordPress. Moved to Blogspot and now I’m back on WordPress. I’m using a Material Design theme based loosely on the Realistic theme – it’s had a lot of hacking about, and will no doubt be a work in progress. WordPress themes are never done and – no matter when you read this – there’s bound to be some things I’m looking to tweak and fix.

I’m also using the excellent SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin to display code, and it’s invaluable for any site that needs to show source code in a way that can easily be copied without mangling the spacing.