Hello World

Note: this was the first post written on the Blogspot verion of the blog, so it’s no longer valid. I’ve transferred it back to the WordPress version for completeness, since it introduces what I’ll be talking about and I reference it in another post.
Yep, it’s the traditional Hello World post.

Very simple blog this, it’s where I’m going to dump thoughts on all things technical. Product reviews, code snippets and the occasional rant.

At the moment I’m playing with home automation and the Samsung SmartThings platform. Of course I’m not content to just, well, use it. Oh no. That would be too easy. I want to play with the APIs and get it doing other things. That’s the theory, but in practice it’s proving to be more difficult that it really needs to be…

Along the way I’ve decided I need a web application running on my home server as an interface into other automation tasks… oh, and I need to coordinate all of these API calls to and from various sources… so some kind of centralised bus. An ESB, in fact. Why not? OK, this is getting out of hand, but it’s good to have a hobby!

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