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sensor listI’ve written a number of posts about my project to take temperature readings from Samsung SmartThings sensors into a Django application via the Zato ESB so that I can view the history and I thought it was worth a quick post to bring them all together.

It started out as my musings on how to do it and turned into a sort of tutorial – looking back, I can even see the writing style changing from one to the other.

I don’t claim to be an expert in any of the technologies I’m using (yet!), so I’ve sort of stumbled through it. Hopefully the write up of my journey will be of use to anyone trying to do something similar.

These, then, are the key posts:

An overview of getting started with SmartThings SmartApp development

Building the SmartApp to send data to the Zato ESB

Introducing Django and building the data structures for the incoming data

Pushing data into the Django application from Zato

And finally, displaying the Django data

Now that I’ve proved the concept I’ll be working on a bigger and better version in the background and posting from time to time about progress.

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