Impulse buying is harder than ever

I’m a bit of a gadget geek and impulse buying is one of my weaknesses. The thing I’ve noticed lately is that it’s harder than ever.

Oh, it’s simplicity itself to order stuff online but that doesn’t satisfy my impulse buying needs. No, I want to walk into an actual shop and walk out with stuff. Right now. Stuff that I’ll take home, use once or twice and that will then probably languish on a shelf for ever more.

The problem is shops don’t sell stuff. Camera shops are virtually a thing of the past, and there’s nowhere other than Currys/PC World to buy other gadgets. Their range is now extremely limited and they never seem to have stock in any case.

Internet shopping seems to have destroyed an entire class of window shopping. Yes, it’s often cheaper online, but it’s not as satisfying when you have an itch to get a new toy!

Even Argos isn’t immune, and the buying process in there isn’t exactly ideal for the impulse shopper. Many of the items in their online catalogue aren’t available immediately in any of the stores. You can check stock, but all of the stores seem to be offering click and collect in a few days time, and no doubt that’s because they don’t carry stock any more and are supplied on demand from their central warehouses.

If you just want a bit of retail therapy, it’s not the same.┬áIf I’m faced with online ordering I’m far more likely to stop and think whether I really need whatever electronic gizmo has taken my fancy this time.

It seems to me that retailers are missing out on a valuable source of sales, but on the upside at least it saves me a few quid – and finding somewhere to put that thing I didn’t really need in the first place!


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